Shirley Sanchez Academy

School of Wellness


I bring to you my education Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin and over 40 years of experience in the fitness and dance industry. I  design your exercise regimen to fit your needs and desires. I have been a certified personal trainer with AFAA (Aerobic Fitness Association of America) since 1985.

*In addition to weight training and cardiovascular training, I also offer one-on-one training in SHIROGA AcroYoga, SHIRLATES Bodyweight Training, AERO HIIT and SHIRL TWIRL. 

Personal Training Tuition:

1-4 sessions : $100.00 per hour   ( expires 30 days )

5-16 sessions: $95.00 per hour   ( expires 60 days )

17 + sessions: $90.00 per hour  ( expires 90 days )

All packages must be paid in full to secure your time slot. All clients will be given a detailed copy of my extensive resume! Thank-you!


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