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Wacky Weather Keeping Austin Interesting!

Yep, class yesterday was warm and perfect for us in Yoga! THEN here comes the wind, grey clouds and a sudden drop in temperature at the end of our Yoga class. Perfect timing!  Dress in layers for this weeks classes just in case we have more exciting weather wackiness! Austin is definitely interesting indeed! Woo-hoo!Daytime gym pics 029 (2)



Greetings Power People! Just a reminder: IF IT RAINS during class time, the classes will be CANCELED. However, you are welcome to exercise INDOORS on the state-of-the-art equipment! Please be sure that you SIGN IN at the front desk when working out indoors. I shall be at Evolve this morning. See you soon!!!

Loving Your Body

Thank-you Power People! Yesterday was such a beautiful day to condition our bodies! Clean fresh air, cool breeze, pretty birds, luscious trees and YOU! It feels positively marvelous to be next to nature while loving and caring for your remarkable body. Remember to read the labels on ALL of the foods that you select. Nourish your host (the body that you inhabit) and feel the wonders that it  can do for you! I love you all!

Bulletproof Bodies!

Yes! We lock & load and aim fire when we train our miraculous bodies to tone, tighten, stretch and lengthen to create a powerful bulletproof body that is always ready to engage in any given activity at any given time with the ease and grace of a Bengal tiger! Hear us roar!



You all are truly impressive with your class performance! We totally fired up our gluteus maximus, medius and minimus! The musculature of our buttocks were designed for movement and that is exactly what we presented to them! They serve us well! Woo-hoo!

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