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You never cease to amaze me. All of you are truly extraordinary! I am so excited! Have  a wonderful week-end, Power Peeps!


Chocolate Bunnies!

Greetings Power Peeps! YES, I am teaching classes tomorrow, Saturday, March 30th. Let’s set the world on fire with our high energy! Lock & Load and AIM FIRE! We’ve got some calories to burn!!!!!


Oh yes I did! I am bringing YOGA to you very soon. Stay tuned, Power Peeps!


Greetings Power People! This post  is a reminder that classes will be canceled this SATURDAY, March 23rd. I am attending a conference. Please know that you are encouraged to work-out at Evolve indoors to get your exercise for the day! This will not count as one of your classes. Woo-hoo! Thank-you kindly!

Attention Please!

Greetings Power People! Classes will be CANCELED on Saturday, March 23. I shall be attending a convention that entire week-end. I do encourage all of you to come to Evolve that day to exercise indoors on the state-0f-the art equipment. Your indoor work-out will not count as a class. Thank-you most kindly!

Miracles happen every day!

The story behind this photo is nothing short of a miracle. This piece is set to the song “Putting Out The Fire” by David Bowie. The music is the theme song  to the movie re-make of “Cat People.” My beloved dance partner is the late Darwin Moehle. It was Darwin’s brilliant idea to set a piece to this song. Both of us worked on the choreography to come up with a routine to present in an intermission of a show in Houston, Texas. My beautiful Mom designed my costume. She called it my “Jane” costume. Mom was utterly surprised that she was creating a costume that had no sparking rhinestones since all of my other dance costumes that she made were always studded with bling. Mom understood the theme that we wanted to create for our piece. She was intrigued. After performing in the intermission in Houston, Texas, Darwin and I decided to enter a dance contest in Dallas, Texas since our routine was well received in Houston.  It was that contest that set us on the road to perform on “Dance Fever” in Los Angeles, California. All of our expenses were paid. It was thrilling! The photo was taken during our performance before a live audience. It was fantastic! Here comes the huge miracle… The taping of the show was done in the summer and aired in the fall. Merv Griffin Productions then aired the re-run of the show the following spring. It was then on that re-run that Darwin and I were spotted by a producer in Los Angeles looking for a couple to perform in his company in Japan. All expenses paid! Darwin and I were contacted by Greg Martin Productions through Merv Griffin Productions and given the offer to perform in his company that following summer! We obtained our passports and work Visa’s and off we went….all expenses paid! It was glorious indeed! This was truly a blessed miracle directly from God. I am very blessed to have had Mom and Dad that always supported me and my passion. My wonderful Dad and my sisters continue to support my passion in fitness/wellness. danceMy beautiful Mom was my very first coach in dance and twirling. I am riding on the wings of an angel…. my Mom.


Wow! I continue to be mesmerized by your extraordinary strength and endurance! I am thrilled and very happy to have all of you in my classes. You are by far, hands down, absolutely stupendous!!! Let’s set the world on fire! Thank-you for being a part of Flash Fire Power Fitness Academy… The Ultimate In Preventive Medicine!

Are You Ready to Dance?


Set The World On Fire!

Yes we do! You all were stupendous in class yesterday! You have tremendous passion for keeping your bodies healthy and strong. Lock & Load Power People! We’re going to do it again!

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