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Love Austin Weather!

It  feels so good to exercise outdoors in Austin! Fresh air, pretty sunshine, beautiful trees, birds singing, and butterflies fluttering about! How great is that! Power Shirlates Pilates on the deck and Power Twirl on the spacious beautiful grassy area. It’s glorious indeed! Let’s do it again this week. Until then, LOCK & LOAD Power People!


Twirl! (not just a girl thing)

WOW! Yesterday was a glorious day to spin our batons. The outdoor deck is perfect for practicing the wrist twirls and finger twirls. Then we take the steps down to the beautiful grassy area and twirl toss! It was FUN!  Power Twirl class is supreme training for fingers, wrist, arms and shoulders. We gain strength and flexibility. We improve dexterity! Twirl it, toss it, spin it, BRING IT!

Loaded Planks!

Yes! The wrist weights make a huge difference! Our mid-section is TIGHT and FIRM!  Our arms and shoulders are STRONG! We feel exhilarated! Let’s fire up for class tomorrow. Until then LOCK & LOAD Power People!


Oh yes I did! The Power Kick Dance class has been changed to POWER TWIRL! This class is designed to develop, strengthen and improve dexterity for your fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders! You must purchase your own baton as baton length varies per person. Mini shaft weighted batons is encouraged. Classes are held on Saturdays at 11:45 a.m. Lets LOCK & LOAD!

Iron & Steel!

Greetings Power People! The weather today is rainy. We will be unable to train on the deck for our Outdoor Power Pilates class. HOWEVER, you are encouraged to come to Evolve anytime today to give yourself a terrific workout using the fantastic state of the art equipment!!! Please sign in at the door. This workout DOES NOT count as one of your classes. Woo-hoo! I just want you to love your body by taking care of it. I WILL be at Evolve at 5:00. Yeay!

Joyful New Year 2013!

Greetings Power People! Let’s LOCK & LOAD for Thursday’s Outdoor Power Pilates Shirlates. We will have a special guest, Darryl Mobley, of Sports Channel for Women coming to view your class for his launch in Spring 2013.  Bring your wrist weights for the Big Burn Series (optional). We will be firing on all pistons! Woo-hoo!!!!

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