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Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-Treat Power People! Enjoy the beautiful, magical evening and your delicious goodies! It’s positively marvelous outside!! Then come see me tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. ¬†for more fun Shirlates style! Woo-hoo!


“Shirlates” on Saturday!

It was grand yesterday! The weather was cool and crisp for our Power classes. It just keeps getting better! We truly hit the deck with our passion for movement. We lock & load and we go forward with gusto in our quest for a stronger and healthier mind, body and spirit! We walk the talk, we do the work, we GET IT DONE! Always!

We’ve got it going ON!

Yes, we ALWAYS do! Thank-you my darling Power People for attending your class yesterday! We had a jolly good time together! I am so excited for each of you as you are continually getting stronger. Let’s LOCK & LOAD for tomorrows class. I hear that it will be a tad chilly, so wear layers and bring your booties just in case!

Walking the Talk, Doing the Work, Getting It Done!

We always do! We run with the BIG DOGS! We fly with the FAST CATS! Classes yesterday felt SO GOOD on our deck! The weather was simply marvelous. Cool, breezy and shady! I love the fall weather!!!! Lock & Load, Power People! More to come for you!!!!

Toasty Toes!

This weather is terrific for us since we are always going full out during our Power Classes. I am so excited! You are welcome to keep your footwear on during your Power Classes to keep your toes toasty warm! You can wear your cutie booties! You may also wear your gloves (I have the fingers on my gloves cut off to about half way). Please remember that we do have patio heaters for us as the weather gets cooler. It is FUN to have class in the cool fresh air. Brisk and frisky! Flash Fire Power….. Lock & Load!

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