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Exercise Indoors!

I have great news for my students! All of my students will have the opportunity to workout in the beautiful Evolve gym when it rains! I will be there to coach you through whatever you need during our regular class time! Please bring your mats just in case the rain stops as it did today. I will see you on Tuesday for sure! Lock and Load Power People!


Getting Stronger Everyday!

Of course! That is exactly what I deliver to you through my Power Classes! I am here to help you achieve your best health. I am here to serve you. Lock & Load Power Peeps!


Yes, we do 🙂 We feel only good feelings when we engage our miraculous bodies with our Power Classes! I am here for you every step of the way. Thank-you for a REMARKABLE performance in your classes! You just keep getting stronger every day. I am so proud to serve you!

The Ultimate In Preventive Medicine!

Flash Fire Power Classes are the ultimate in preventive medicine and I am living proof! My classes are designed to take you to your highest level of strength, endurance and flexibility. I will be right there with you every step of the way! Lock & Load Power Peeps. We ARE walking the talk, doing the work and getting it done! YES!


Yes! That is EXACTLY how we feel when we are in our POWER classes! All of you were stupendous! You are ALWAYS stupendous. I love it!!!!!! Let’s rock the deck again next week. Until then, LOCK & LOAD power peeps!

Thunder on Thursday!

Oh my! It seems that due to threathening weather, we may be forced to cancel our Outdoor Power Pilates class today. However, I will be there just in case the sun does come out! I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank-you for your understanding!


Yes you were!  The weather was PERFECT for our classes! It just keeps getting better. I love your extraordinary enthusiasm! You’re amazing!!!!! We LOCK & LOAD, we WALK THE TALK, we DO THE WORK, we GET IT DONE! 


Power Pilates class will be CANCELED for today. I am ill with a stomach upset. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank-you so much for your understanding. I look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday.

Kick Butt With Kick Dance!

POWER KICKDANCE! Burning off those fat calories is FUN with Power Kickdance! We shape, firm, tone and tighten to the extreme. Kick it, punch it, move it, groove it! We’ve got it all! Thank-you for a great class!!!

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