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Stayin’ Alive!

Yes we are! Wow, all of you were positively astounding in your Power classes yesterday! It is truly incredible how strong you all are. Lock N Load for more next week!



Yes, you were all profoundly intense! I love how driven you are. ¬†You always know exactly what it takes to be warrior tough, fired up and focused! Packin’ heat, locked and loaded….Flash Fire Powered! We WILL do it again!


Yes we are! Thank-you for your unrelenting fire power! Once again you brought out the BEST in yourselves. Uh-huh…. BRING IT!

Flawless Fire Power!

Absolutely! Thank-you for yet another astounding Saturday! All of you continue to mesmerize me with your unwavering Flash Fire Power! Always packin’ heat, always locked and loaded, always ready to excel!!!! Yeah, like I said….. we walk the talk… we do the work… we get it DONE!

Warrior Tough!

Yes, we certainly are! Thank-you for your unwavering passion in Power Pilates yesterday. You all were superlative and I was spellbound!!!!

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