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Locked & Loaded!

Yes we are! We had a blast in our Power classes yesterday. All of you were stupendous! I love it when you all put forth the energy required to perform your intense drills with absolute FIRE POWER! Packin’ Heat to Smack it Down! Getting stronger every day!!


Hit the Deck!

Oh yes we did! It was an easy smack down with our strong, agile bodies. All of you were outstanding. Your performance of your drills was positively marvelous. Thrill the drills again and again! Lock & Load, Power Peeps!

Graceful Energy!

Yes! That is exactly what you all have. Thank-you so much for attending your Power Pilates yesterday. You all were exceptional! It takes a lot of energy to execute gracefully. All of you are astounding! Thank-you!

Elegant, Graceful and POWERFUL!

Many thanks to all of you for attending your Power Classes yesterday. Your passion never ceases to amaze me! I am truly mesmerized when I see you all perform your combinations. You’re quick, you’re sharp, and you’re LOCKED & LOADED!


Oh cheese and fries, I goofed! I meant to say “Wrath of Zeus”  instead of “Wrath of Poseidon.” Zeus is the Greek God of  the Sky, Thunder and Lightning. My apologies. Thank-you!

The Wrath of Poseidon!

Thank-you Power People! Thank-you for braving the Wrath of Poseidon!!! We were able to have our entire class even though the weather proved threatening to cancel. You are MARVELOUS! I love you all!

Power Peeps Packin’ Heat!

Oh my starzzzzz! You all were flames of energy in your Power Pilates class. The combination you performed dazzled me. We’re going to do it again, Power Peeps 🙂  Until then, keep your Flash Fire Power sizzling!

Bring It ON!

We’re the Peeps Packin’ Heat and we bring it on to rock the deck with the Flash Fire Power within! Thanks to all of you for another incredible Power Pilates class! We’ll do it again on Tuesday!

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