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Sizzling Sensation!

Yes! We’re the Peeps Packing Heat! Power Classes have been truly amazing at Evolve! We’re misted, we’re breezed and Flash Fire Power is the ultimate in preventive medicine!



Wow! You are all remarkable! Thank-you so much for coming to Power Pilates where your results are virtually INSTANT! That’s because we are always PACKING  HEAT! We are always LOCKED & LOADED! We have all got FLASH FIRE POWER! Unleash the Fire Bird within you for an exhilarating class every time!

Easy Breezy!

Yes it was! Last night on the deck was easy breezy wonderful! Our high energy Flash Fire Power along with our high energy fans and oscillating mister made for a sensational class! You are all amazing. I love it! Let’s LOCK & LOAD again for tomorrow’s Power Pilates class. We’re packing heat!

Packing Heat!

We’re so good! We are always packing heat with our high energy to rock the deck with Power Pilates! Everyone was incredible yesterday. I love your unwavering passion! LOCK & LOAD for Tuesday’s class!

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